SUKH - The best token ever made Everhusk Token


Limited time to purchase newly minted tokens


The SUKH ICO transparently offers investors no value and I can guarantee that the it will not reduce during or after the ICO.

Can a business be more transparent?


This token was developed for the lulz.


All that this coin has – this fancy design you’re looking on right now. Nice, right?

It has as much value as fidget spinner.

SUKH is the most utility
I've ever seen.

The crowdsale
begins on:
August 17th, 2017
5:42:13 P.M. EST
and will run until: August 1, 2090
5:42 P.M. EST

How to contribute

To participate in the SUKH ICO, just send as much Ether as you want to the SUKH token/crowdsale contract. Coins will only ever be minted during the crowdsale, so if i ever become a billionaire.. maybe i'll buy them back off you for nostalgia :).

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Ether contributed
Contributed in USD
Tokens issued

Such Utility

Use your coins to get some utility from the Everhusk™ himself.



Who have nothing to do with this project
Vitalik Buterin Co-founder of Ethereum
Vlad Zamfir Co-founder of Ethereum
Sasha Ivanov Waves platform CEO

Is it a joke?

Sort of. You know, most of the ICOs are not more than a primitive website and some bullshit (called whitepaper).

At least I didn't make you read a whitepaper.

What can I do with token?

Whatever you want, I don't really care to be honest.

Which wallets are compatible?

You can use any type of wallet or exchange to send ETH to the token sale address, but your token receipt address must be ERC20 compatible.

ERC20 compatible wallets include Jaxx, MyEtherWallet and Mist. The token address is 0x81B81DA5E48CA11F6BbF6aD64371C1638CdaB7ea.